Sunday, January 4, 2009

First Weekend of 2009

She peers into the open doorway with the same 1/4 inch grin that much like well-executed feng shui, sucks in and dissipates the surrounding negative energy. This mild-mannered, modern-day renaissance Woman is a little taste of everything, but the most delicious part is that she is a close confidante of mine.
Ms. J has been the first of acquaintances to visit me in the past three years. Her energy is one that causes others to use descriptors such as "energy" when they may usually stray from this. The calmness in which she expresses even the most intensive rants is impressive.
Her ambitious nature motivates others to strive for their dreams for we feel that she has a strong grasp of this rainbow connection and what lies on the other side. I begin to feel like an eager leprechaun. I, too, desire much more than what lies on this side of the rainbow and now feel that I have been enabled to seek for something more.
We are very appreciative.

Friday, January 2, 2009

No Disclaimer's Disclaimer

"No Disclaimer's disclaimer" should have been self-explanatory.